poem doodle

When I step in front of the camera
I think of myself  knitting
Loopholes in space time
Connecting one day to the next
With an identikit moment
Bending the universe into a pattern
Like a key connecting in a lock
Here I am
Back again
Same place, same time, same moment, same Sam


One response to “poem doodle”

  1. […] Making this film is not unlike knitting. I can’t go back and do any of the days again and they can only be put together in sequence for the whole thing to work. I just have to accept that some days I do better than others I am more present, the light works, the focus is there and some days things are not so perfect. It rains and I look wet and miserable. By returning to the same spot again and again at the same time I sometimes feel like I am knitting time, creating a series of moments identical but not quite the same. See my Poem Doodle post . . . […]

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