A lovely evening at Swedenborg House

On Friday night I was at the Swedenborg Short film festival which was a really nice evening. There were some really interesting films about our relationship with nature, existentialism and mysticism and the soul and I will definitely be going back to the festival. Stay the Same got a special commendation from the festival in the award ceremony which meant a ¬£100 book token to spend on books published by the Swedenborg society as well as a limited edition signed copy of Iain Sinclair’s book Swimming to Heaven: The Lost Rivers of London. IMG_0291

Highlights from the festival were the main prize winner Nick Jordan’s film Nature House Inc., Small Wonders by Katie Goodwin and … all that passed by Stuart Pound. Katie and Stuart were also there for the evening and it was lovely to meet them. (Follow the links for their respective websites v. interesting stuff!).

I am now really looking forward to the next screening of the film on 28th December in my local village hall in Drimnin, which will be followed by a concert by Fraya and her musical partner Gillian of the Duplets! Hopefully we will get a good crowd.

The film is also showing at the ICA and the Stratford Picture House as part of the London Short Film Festival in early January.


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