About the location

I filmed on the edge of a sea loch a few metres from my house in Knoydart a peninsular on the north west coast of scotland that can only be reached by a 16 mile trek over the mountains or by boat, which as a result has been classified as one the most remote places on mainland Britain. I have lived here for six years now.

The north side of the peninsular is opposite the Isle of Skye and the west side looks out at the islands of Eigg, Rum, Muck and Canna. On a clear day you can see the outer hebrides.

There are just over one hundred people living on the peninsular most of whom live in the village of Inverie, but not all. There is a post office, a tea room, a primary school and a pub (The Old Forge).  There are currently eight children in the primary school.

The peninsular is community land managed which means the people who live here own and run the estate.

I moved to Knoydart in 2006 after discovering the place as part of a working holiday the year before . I came up from London for a break and decided I would return in a year if I was still keen to live here.

I now make a living teaching local children from the highlands and islands how to make films.

If you would like to know more about Knoydart or even come and visit go to the Knoydart Foundation Website or www.visitknoydart.co.uk


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