The year I had

The film Stay the Same documents the process of it’s own creation – making the film meant I couldn’t leave the remote peninsular of Knoydart for more than 23 hours at a time, which meant I couldn’t get very far.

The film is a video diary with no words. This blog is a written document of the process and a much more in depth rendering of the emotional journey in the film.

June 2011

The project begins

July 2011

Slowing down time

August 2011

This place, An emotional journeyTwo months

September 2011

On death and dyingTrying to fast forward

October 2011

Things to be thankful for, Tape number 13Is this an endurance test?Clock Change

November 2011

Creating a living notebookA little bit of blue sky5 Months Today

December 2011

Trapped in timeA Change in the WeatherMore wind & a small river THE STORM#9 What the locals thinkThe Longest Night

January 2012

Slighty Misaligned ClocksMoon shotsStars . . .

February 2012

8 months on and dreaming of escape . .

March 2012

First sunshine in four months!,  A small escape at spring equinox

April 2012

The 300th Day10 months at 67,000 mph

May 2012

In search of a happy endingOne month to go!

June 2012

On Standing StillTwo weeks to go!What happens next?An Incredible Year


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