Stay the Same

8 months on and dreaming of escape . .
23 February 2012, 11:34 am
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I have just passed the 8 months mark! This is how long I have been going out every day in all weathers filming myself for ten minutes in an attempt to make a film exploring our desire to document our lives through film and capture time.

Today wasn’t pleasant, the rain was coming directly at the lense of the camera quite hard, which makes filming very difficult (lots of wiping). I woke up with a cold and the rain has been hitting me quite hard too. This is entirely self imposed and self inflicted (and publicly funded!) so I can’t really complain, but the most recent and brilliant episode from Radiolab felt particularly pertinant. You can listen to it here by following this link.

I imagined  the 1950’s programme ‘Escape’ featured at the beggining of the show using my situation ‘You are an experimental film maker in self imposed exile making a film which means you can’t leave the most remote peninsular in Britian for more than a day . . .’ and this cheered me up.

I particularly liked the last peice about telephone freaking, although the point when Jo became Joybubbles was quite disturbing. The whole programme left me wondering whether this project is an attempt to escape modern society by staying on my remote peninsular or to confront the need to keep moving by staying in the same place.


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