Stay the Same (a living notebook) by Sam Firth

Stay the Same is a film and webspace by Sam Firth  funded by the BFI and Creative Scotland. It is a meditation on time, mortality and our desire to capture experience.

The film was made by recording a self portrait every day for a year, at exactly the same time, in exactly the same place on the shores of Loch Nevis .

This web-based creative archive contains three different collections I made while making the film, the first is responses to the ideas in the project  from friends, family, local people and even radio 4 listeners,  the second is a collection of related films and other material (I hadn’t realised when I started that filming every day was an internet meme) and a record of my year making the film. You can either read it as blog with all four categories of post combined or click on the links above to see each different type of post.

Below is the final film.

“Stay the Same, captures Firth’s changing environment over the year  . . .  a striking contrast between the filmmaker’s momentary emotions and the ever present rocks, tides and landscape.”

Sight and Sound  

“Out of simplicity comes great complexity – it’s very beautiful,  moving too” 

Clio Barnard, director of The Selfish Giant

“A hauntingly beautiful meditation on time, solitude and isolation.”

Matt Lloyd, Glasgow Short Film Festival

2 responses to “Stay the Same (a living notebook) by Sam Firth”

  1. Speechless with so many questions… if i amy ask long have you been a filmmaker? What inspired you to continue wiht this film rather than aborting it..

    very beautiful and thoughtful concept. Thank you for this peice.

    1. Hello Humble,
      Thank you for your comment. I am so glad you enjoyed the film. I’ve been making films since 2009 but trained as a screenwriter before this in 2001. I think the thing that kept me going through this project was this website and all the input and feedback I received while I did it. It was a truly amazing journey, and hopefully I will achieve something even bigger one day!

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