Tim MacMillan experiments in film and time

Moving pictures have been used to explore our perceptions of time since their invention. When Tim MacMillan was at art school at Bath Academy in the 1980’s he experimented using multiple cameras to create different viewpoints of the same space. When these multiple viewpoints are spliced in to one film it feels like time has been frozen. The result is a tracking shot through space.

Here is a peice about the technique from Tomorrows World 1994.

And one of his early art school films Ferment which travels from death through life to birth.

Since making films at art school Tim has developed his technique and now runs a company specialising in what he calls Time Slice. This  is now used in mainstream films and was made famous by The Matrix bullet scenes. Part of me wishes though, that he had let someone else develop the timeslice product and carried on making his own films.

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