Creating a living notebook

I have had many differing responses to this project. Strangers have told me how they feel about their life and about dying. People I have expected to laugh have shared profound insight. Often people seem to understand what I am doing better than I do.

A friend recently wrote saying he imagined me tending the film like a plant, watering it every day, letting it grow each day. Another conversation resulted with a list of activities I could perform each day; ten minutes filming, ten writing a novel, ten knitting a square each day for a year long blanket etc etc.

Each time I talk to someone new my confidence is restored, my experience and understanding are deepened and the work improves.

These responses have given me the very simple idea of specifically asking people to respond to the project with a contribution to this site.

I am hoping to create a living notebook of shared insight, a collection of discussions and ideas that reflects far more than my own experience and from which visitors can draw their own conclusions.

I am going to send letters to my family and friends, other artists and film makers, people I am inspired by, whose work I have referenced on the site and whose insight I have gained from in the past. I am also going to ask everyone living here on the peninsular to respond in some way. I am leaving it purposefully very open. Responses can be to any aspect of the project, in any form, and of any length, they can be creative, personal, intellectual or abstractical, film, text, image, handicraft, sung, or a few words scrawled on the back of an envelope!

I am going to collect these responses over the year and post them here alongside my own, as a living conversation until my year of filming ends on June 21st 2012 making this website a project and pecie of work in itself.

After this point these responses may become part of the final film, an archive of some form, or the basis of another piece of work.

This project has the potential to cut me off, but also to bring new people, connections and ideas in to my life and renew old ones. I hope that you are up for taking part.


5 responses to “Creating a living notebook”

  1. This is truly inspired & inspiring. I make something every day on my blog (which has been a real challenge). It’s exciting to see your process (& Scotland).
    I’m going to figure out the blogroll thing and and ad you. Awesome project. Stay strong.
    ~ firey

  2. Hi firey,
    Am glad you find it so inspiring! I like the idea of making something everyday too! (I am keen knitter and maker of things . .) Good to hear from you

  3. […] I am keen to move beyond my own personal experience and start collecting other peoples thoughts and experiences as I have found people’s responses to the project and the ideas behind it incredibly varied and fascinating (see Creating a Living Notebook). […]

  4. I like that you stare directly into the camera. It reminds me that it is important to look deeply sometimes. To stop – to stare at what is around me. Up close, or in panorama. It reminds me that looking someone directly in the eye is not aggressive, animal confrontation. That it can be contemplation. That it can be challenge. That it is meeting. Even if you do not know that you are looking at me, and even though I am looking at you through screen and time, there is that connection, as we attempt to connect and to understand. I admire your landscape. I feel its heat, its chill, its movement, its stillness. And it reflects mine, its urban hubbub, it’s lack of lake. It reflects mine, because I am in it, taking my time. Stopping. Watching the changes. Watching the lack of changes. Remembering to be.

  5. […] I was having to this project and invited people to submit a response artistic or otherwise see creating a liveing notebook. In one of the posts below is a lovely drawing by Mia who is aged 8. This was partly because I am […]

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