#14 The Telegraph & Tabloids

A few months ago I wrote about the range of reponses I was having to this project and invited people to submit a response artistic or otherwise see creating a living notebook. In one of the posts below is a lovely drawing by Mia who is aged 8. This was partly because I am working such isolation. I guess one has to be careful what one wishes for!

A journalist picked up on an article in my local paper The Westword asking for responses from local people and today The Telegraph and Scottish editions of the Daily Mail and The Sun printed stories about the film. Below are links to copies of the articles .

Telegraph 6 Feb , Scottish Sun 6th Feb

The nature of their response to this film came as a bit of a surprise and I want to thank everyone who has sent messages of support, The BFI and Creative Scotland as well as BBC Radio 4 for contacting me and doing a peice on the 6pm news today.

To get a better sense of my work here is my first film I.D.

This has been a wonderful opportunity for me to develop this piece and new ideas which hopefully one day will be in the cinema and I am incredibly greatful for the development funds I have received.

If you would like to write a response, submit a film or series of photographs for this website email me at staythesamefilm@tinysparkproductions.com or leave a comment below on this blog post.


4 responses to “#14 The Telegraph & Tabloids”

  1. Hi Sam

    I am horrified at such lazy reporting from The Telegraph and glad Radio 4 redressed the balance. If I can show support in any way for the project let me know. In a way if your film has provoked so much attention then it is having an effect as art before it is complete! Seems like right wing attitudes to art fudning have ‘stayed the same’… Emma x

  2. HI Sam

    I am sure that the final film you make out of this project will silence those naysayers of the right wing press once and for all. Interesting that they chose to attack arts spending because the far more immoral and irresponsible misspending of money by the banking sector was… well… done by their friends, wasn’t it? I thought the article was awful as were some of the very ignorant comments that followed. I’ve really enjoyed following your journey on this project, one that challenges what our sense of journeying is. Go Sam…

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  4. […] #14 The Telegraph & Tabloids […]

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