A little bit of blue sky

I made this little film during a rare moment of escape last week.

I jumped on a boat straight after filming, caught a train, and spent a few hours in Glenfinnan before surprising a friend there who was arriving from London. It was all good timing, a private boat  happened to be leaving that morning just after filming. I enjoyed the journey so much, and just wandering around somewhere different even more. It felt a bit like being on day release!  I stood on a little bridge looking at a river and thought about life and stuff, as you do, then I noticed what I was looking was kind of beautiful so I filmed it with my new mobile phone. It was only when I got home that I realised I had been using the phone the wrong way up – which is what happens when you abandon civilization for too long then get a new phone!

The only thing I have done to the film is flip it over and run it backwards on the right hand side (partly because it was the wrong size!). It is just leaves floating on water recorded on a mobile (you might want to put some music on while you watch it), but it captures a moment on a little bridge in Glenfinnan thinking about life and stuff.

I have started sending out letters and am really looking forward to responses (my mum has already sent me something!) and I have had some really nice unexpected conversations with people who live here as a result of writing about the project in the local newsletter.

I guess this is an example of what a potential response to this project could be, it just happens to be my own . . .


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