Slowing Down Time


The platform and I are gradually settling in. I still have to resist changing the shot and let go of that bit now (although bizarrely I have been neglecting the one thing I do have control over – and have found myself making a mental note each day to check my bloody hair!)

Strangely the process is already making feel like time is going slower – I notice how long it is between filming one day and filming the next. This is maybe due to my own impatience, I want to make the entire film now, but I can’t help wonder whether there is an unconscious part of me that has devised this whole exercise just to make myself slow down and stay in one place for a while. Right now it feels good. It removes a whole area of decision making from my life and like choosing the shot it actually feels good to relinquish control. Instead I can get on with making work, and allow things to happen here, which is partly what this project is designed to do. I still don’t have quite enough money to get me through the year yet but I do have some time to figure this out. And I have lots of plans for fun projects as well like spending the year learning the Ukulele.

Knowing I am going to be in one place for a whole year also weirdly opens up more possibilities for surprise. I know that every year of my life has brought change and unexpected events, but I can’t begin to guess what these might be this year. Will things change more or less by staying in the same place? So despite giving up travel and work away from home these feel like exciting times.

If you get chance listen to this fantastic radio program from NPR about our experience of Time featuring Oliver Sacks.

Time – Radiolab


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  1. YES, what an amazing piece from Radiolab!

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