First sunshine in four months!

Yesterday for the first time in four months the sun was high enough above the mountains for it to be shining on me while I was filming at 8.30am. The light is changing really quickly now and waking up believing I have slept through both alarms only to find it is actually only 7.30am has recently become part of my daily routine. This project has made me really aware of the changes in the light and often wonder whether the accelerated change at each equinox is reflected in the rate of change our lives. That somehow signals time to step things up a gear. Several people have just announced that they are leaving Knoydart including my best friends Jim, Claire and Oren and life does seem to have quickened recently. It felt like this happened at the last equinox in October too, but I could be wrong. It might be just be that I live in a place where most peoples lives revolve around seasonal work. I recently did an interview for the artists newsletter about the project, you can read it by following this link, which made me think a lot about change and fear of it.
Paradoxically it feels as though I have experienced more profound change in this last year despite the fact, or maybe even because, I have stayed in the same place. In the past, when things haven’t worked or I’ve not been happy I have made increasingly bigger changes in my life in the hope of fixing things and often made them worse or just created different problems to focus on, rather than accepting that things happen at their own rate and that often all you need to do is hang on in there and wait and they get better. After weeks of rain the last two days here have been just beautiful here and I have been reminded again how stunning this place is.

I will take a picture of the sun rising above the hills tomorrow but in the meantime here are a couple of pictures showing how cold it got in February.


One response to “First sunshine in four months!”

  1. Of course no sun visible this morning so no picture!

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