Clock Change

To keep in line with the light I  have switched to filming at 8.30 am. There is something weirdly exciting about this. It marks the progression of the project, and is the first change in my morning routine in for four months. I have a close friend who worked out a while ago that if she rings me at 9.45 am I am always in the house – this morning she rang at 8.45. I like this.

I have been having a lot of ideas about this project over the last few days, sparked by capturing two months worth of filming in one go last week and some conversations with a  film maker who was here. In particular I’ve had a new idea for how to use this webspace to make the project more collaborative and less isolating which I am quite excited about and will talk more about in my next blog.

I’ve also realised how much this film is about the pace of modern life. It is far more a challenge to stay in one place now than it ever has been.  It has been a revelation to discover that stopping and standing still actually allows things to happen in the same way that constantly running can’t leave you standing on the spot.

I’ve included a clip of the 1982 film Koyaansqatsi.  The word means life out of balance in Hopi. It’s a beautiful film that uses music time lapse and slow motion about modernity, our pace of life and our relationship with nature.


One response to “Clock Change”

  1. Hi Sam
    I’ve had an e-mail from Tommy asking if you can have a look at the field gate I’ve been photographing (almost) every Monday morning for about 20 years. I’m not as rigorous as you – if I’m not at home (mostly summer) it doesn’t get done, but it still gives agood idea of passing seasons, etc (and the gate was even replaced at one point!.) What I’ll do is send a few photos to Tommy, and if you want all the digital ones (about 4 years), I’ll put them on a disc and send that. The pre-digital ones are sheafs of prints, and I really don’t want to copy them, but if it comes to that you can have them, as long as I get them back.



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