More wind & a small river

Ha ha! My spirits may have lifted but the weather definitely hasn’t. This is the worst winter I have experienced since moving here! Today the winds are stronger than ever, check out the 100mph gusts in the met office forecast.  So, I literally tethered the tripod down this morning and it worked. Haven’t got as far as tying myself down yet.  I also noticed this morning that a river seemed to be developing around the platform largely due I think to the path I have made by walking there every day. So this morning I spent an hour re-directing the river and making a nice pebble path to my platform.


2 responses to “More wind & a small river”

  1. I was thinking about you this morning as the gusts feel strong in Edinburgh but they can’t be a fraction of the force of the wind in your part of the world. Hold onto your hat!

  2. Rose (Sam's Mum) Avatar
    Rose (Sam’s Mum)

    Soon after Sam wrote this, her electricity supply went down. By some miracle the phone line is still working (as I write this, anyway), and I have just spoken to her. She is going to carry on filming so long as the camera platform doesn’t get blown away by the wind, but she won’t be able to make any new posts on her blog for a while. Sam told me that this morning as she was moving her inflatable kayak to a safe place, she was literally swept off her feet by the wind.

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