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10 months at 67,000 mph
21 April 2012, 11:02 am
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Having passed the 300th day it is now today exactly ten months since I started filming. It occurred to me this morning as I stood on my platform filming that even if I were to stand in exactly the same place for a whole year I would still be moving.

So I googled it and found out that I have been travelling on average at approx. 67,000 miles per hour as the earth loops its way around the sun, the sun loops its way around the centre of the galaxy and the universe expands outwards. By the end of my year I will have travelled approximately 583 million miles. (Sometimes the direction the earth is travelling around the sun is counteracted by the direction the sun is travelling around the universe). I know this isn’t really what we mean by travelling, but it is kind of fun to think about and I find it weirdly reassuring somehow that you never stay still, even if you really really want to. More soon.


The photo every day trend
24 June 2011, 10:34 pm
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As a bit of research I’ve been looking up all the people taking photos of themselves every day on you tube, there are an incredible amount of them – and they are watched by millions of people. There is one person who has been taking a picture of himself each day for over six years. Which leads to lots of interesting questions about why people are doing this and watching the films. Is it narcisissm? curiosity? A fixation with ageing and mortality?

I thought I would share my favourite so far.

Note that the dog does not go to exactly the same place and does not use video which is a bit of a relief really.

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