Saturday 3rd December

I wasn’t originally going to post moving images from my daily filming so as not to spoil the final film, but had to share this!

5 responses to “Saturday 3rd December”

  1. This is hilarious! Are you going to keep bits like this in the final film? I like seeing snippets of the filming as it’s so much part about documenting the process on this project.

    And how are you going to edit all this??

    And where….?

    Lots of love, Em xx

    1. Hey Emma,
      Yes I laugh every time I watch it, although slight sense of desperation there too! . . . I won’t have the camera falling over in the film or me laughing etc but will have a bit of windyness for certain! I need to decide finally on the composer before I make a final editing plan as the music is going to be so central to the peice I’m not sure which way round to do it and this depends partly on who I am working with (the composer I have set my heart on is based in New York so fingers crossed!). I will definitely start properly veiwing the rushes before filming ends in April/May here in Knoydart as ten minutes a day for 365 days = 60 hours of footage!

  2. Paul said that he had visions of you holding onto the camera tripod for dear life and being blown horizontal by the wind – it looks as though it’s really happening!

  3. Hi Sam
    If your NY composer doesnt come off I know a chap in Bristol who has just worked for me, an excellent collaborator.
    he plays the guitar in this trailer

    good luck as it is getting colder…

  4. […] There have been storms and power cuts which have left everybody here reeling. The worst was December 8th and I was pretty much blown off the platform on December 3rd […]

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