The Project Begins

So the process has begun! Karen and Andy  have helped me to build a platform from a pallet and a sheet of marine ply which sounds basic but it has been banked up with a lot of gravel and staked to the ground so it doesn’t move (for the next year anyway). I have lovingly varnished it with yacht varnish so it survives the weather,  put slots in for the tripod and drawn on footprints so I stand in the same spot.

Over the last few days I have spent an endless amount of time making minute adjustments to the shot changing it slightly each day only to find I preferred what it looked like the day before.  It’s taken a few days to remember that this is the whole point of the film – the same view changes radically every day, but I guess this single shot is the only thing I have in the film I really have any control over.

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I’ve also spend some time thinking about the function of this blog. It’s meant to be a record of the process of making this film. In the simplest sense this means get up, do some exercise, have breakfast, go out and set up the tripod, wait til 9.30, set off timer and film. (I record for five minutes each day). What changes each day is what happens when I turn the camera on. My aim is to remain present, engaged and open while filming. Conscious of what I am doing without being self conscious or performing in any way. I’d also like it if I wasn’t frowning. Each day this experience is quite different. Some days it’s much harder than others but I’m not sure how I can translate this in to words for this blog.  I’m also not sure how interesting this would be to others even if I could. So I will do my best, but I think it is probably as interesting to use this space to document my relationship to this place – which is what this project is partly about.  So, I guess the first thing to do, will be to try and explain exactly how I ended up living here in the first place . . .  .


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  1. Gemma Swistak Avatar

    Love it Sam! Miss you and that beautiful place! It’s amazing how much your face changes each day, so much is said through your expressions. Looking forward to seeing more xxx

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