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Teething problems
17 July 2011, 1:47 pm
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The last couple of weeks hasn’t been an easy. It took two weeks to stop tinkering around with the shot. Then another few days trying to work out why I was moving around all over the place (my shoes I think). Only to find after checking today that the picture is still moving too much. This means the whole set up still needs work. Frustratingly this might mean despite nearly a month of filming going back to square one and starting again by building a wooden frame for the camera instead of using the tripod.

It’s not helped that I’ve also had a cold, a few too many late nights (working and playing), several days of being drenched with rain, several more being bitten by midges and a cleg bite on my wrist that swelled up so tight that I had to take anti-histamines.

Talking about the project with people has helped and it has been a surprise to find most people don’t think it is daft or vain and a lot people very quickly have a deeper understanding of the piece than I do. I am regularly surprised by the amount of insight I am gaining out of doing it. Obvious stuff like my own fear of ageing and dying and not so obvious stuff to do with my relationship with work and the camera. But there is no doubt this is turning out to be a lot harder than I anticipated and I am not sure that my idea of continuing normal life around the project will ever be the case. Arggh!

Will keep you updated.


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Much much relief the camera movement was just in final cut pro and was completely my fault so panic over – no need to start from scratch. There is only 2% camera movement between pictures since I finally locked off on 9th of July. Am still contemplating taking super glue to my tripod just to be sure but will go for gaffa tape for now.

Comment by samfirthknoydart

Hey Sam. Great to hear you got things sorted. Not sure of the the techi stuff but know you must have been super worried at having to start over again! I love your new project and look forward to hearing your progress. Watching what you have done so far has touched my cockles and I admire you for committing yourself to such a challenge. It must bring up a huge range of emotions. I love the shot you have chosen too….Cramp wood and long beach in the distance……….the ever changing beauty of one of the most special places in the world! Good luck Sam, love Ang x

Comment by Angie Smith

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