Laurel Nakadate

I’ve just discovered the work of Laurel Nakadate who took a photo of herself crying every day for a year. When lonely men approach her on the street she goes to their homes and makes videos of herself dancing with them. Her work is scary and powerful and very much on the edge. I stumbled on her film Stay the Same Never Change because of the title before I read about her other work this weekend in the paper. What she is doing is quite exciting.

I really relate to her response to the question of whether making Catalogue of Tears was hard. People have asked me if I get bored while filming, or regret the project when the weather is bad and I don’t at all. However hard this project gets (and I will talk about this in the next blog because it has become hard) the actual filming is a joy because I am making something whihc is hopefully much bigger than myself. The hard bit is having restricted freedom.  It may seem bizzare, but going to my little platform and filming is one of my highlights of each day!

Here’s a the article about Laurel’s from this weekends Observer . .

I’m looking forward to seeing her new film Wolf Knife.


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