#3 Jim Manthorpe

So, as a fellow Knoydartian and someone who loves timelapse video, your project does of course interest me. When I saw some of the stills from your project I thought it striking how much your expression reflects the weather in each shot. When the sun shines, you look like you’re looking forward to the day and enjoying your ten minutes in the sun but when it’s stormy you look like you’re thinking about the warm duvet you just left and wishing the ten minutes would end.
I guess that’s another aspect of time moving on; sometimes we dwell on the past and other times we enjoy the moment or look forward to the possibilities ahead. Our mood changes how quickly that time passes. Why does it have to pass so quickly when we’re enjoying life?
The other thing that strikes me is that this film covers a whole year, with the tides rising and falling, the seasons changing and the daylight lengthening and shortening; it’s a long time. Then I look at the mountains and the loch in the background, carved out by glacial ice over 10,000 years ago. I wonder what that view looked like before the ice age. Now that’s a timelapse sequence I’d like to see. I can’t share that with you but here’s a little timelapse sequence I took of night falling over Inverie, the location of your film.

Jim Manthorpe



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