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Noah Kalina every day for six years
1 February 2012, 6:19 pm
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I’ve now been filming myself every day at exactly the same time in exactly the same place every day for over seven months. Today the sun rose at the same time I turned on my camera, and it is now light when I get up in the mornings (usually about twenty minutes before filming). As my dad says, each month I’ve done somehow counts as double, it’s one month done and one month less to go. I am really aware though that I don’t want to count my life away and even though I have realised that maybe I am just the kind of person who needs to go away now and then, and it is January and pretty grey, I am still trying to enjoy the here and now.

Here is Noah’s six year picture every day project which started a bit of an internet phenomena. A lot of people will have already seen it (22 million in fact). Before I started this film I had no idea that there were people all over the world taking pictures of themselves every day. Noah even created an every day i-phone app to make it easier for you. I think the trend says a lot about our relationship with cameras and modern technology particularly in regard to our experience of time and mortality. It’s like we can’t ever quite see ourselves (or each other) fully enough.

And an ad for his i-phone app which seems slightly tongue in cheek to me or at least aware at some level of it’s own ridiculousness . .


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