#15 Radio 4 Listeners

I’ve been getting lots of messages and interest in the film since Monday and it may well reach a larger audience as a result of all the press coverage (increasing it’s value for the tax payers money even more, if you see it that way!), I hope so. I am going to write more about the project and day to day life as Britian’s most remote experimental film maker in the coming days, but in the meantime here are a few responses I have had from Radio 4 Listeners . . .

“I listened to an interview you gave for News at 6pm on Radio 4 tonight. What you said I found fascinating: As a young student of art in the 60’s I tried something similar, albeit less ambitious, in still photography – a self portrait photograph (four taken in a passport photo booth) every day for a year on my way to college (the work was soon destroyed after the images were stuck on to a board – a tutor said it was depressing to look at!)…”

“Just by way of support for your project – I think most people live and move at a fast pace today and staying still for any length of time is considered profligate. But like any journey at 100 miles per hour, life today deprives us of the close inspection that the world and the environment need to really appreciate it. I think your project in some way will, hopefully make people see that staying the same actually captures the wonderful, delicate and less noticeable changes that occur more slowly.”

“I was really interested to hear about your project on the radio last night. I think it is far more challenging than it sounds. When I look at the snow this morning and climb into my super insulated jacket to go outside, I know I wouldn’t want to swap places with you. Nor would I want the daily task of taking the video and keeping engaged with the camera.”

“I heard about your film Art project on the radio this evening. ‘Stay The Same’ I really like the concept and I can imagine how amazing it will be when you have put it all together, after your whole year of dedication to it. It must take some patience too , you are very inspiring.


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