#16 Stuart Watson

Stuart Watson sent me the following email for inclusion in this blog.  He is right to say that this blog is like a live notebook for a work in progress, which is very much how I see it. A virtual way of discussion and exploring the ideas behind the work.
‘Describing this with words seems inadequate to me, which is why I am making the film and spending so much time doing it’
I like this in your blog. It gets to the heat of the problem of a blog or any article on an artwork that’s not literary. Your medium is film, just like mine is buildings or spaces between buildings or physical landscape. Our culture is increasingly word-based. But I wish it was more to do with communicating through looking, drawing, doodling, cartooning, seeing the signs (and the designs, or the ‘ de-signing’ that a designer does) and views in space and time, and not reading or writing (or texting, tweeting, …whatever).

Is this blog your sketchbook for the polished piece of art that will be your film? If so it should try to capture what we see more directly – lines and patterns and shapes, light and shade. Perhaps only allow contributions that are (at least partly) drawn, sketched or videoed? We’ll stop writing words and just get on with the real thing. More pictures less words please – Enough said…

Stuart Watson, Architect


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