#22 Small cat arrives in post

Someone in Singapore sent me a very small handcarved wooden cat in the post with a note describing it as a “woody pal” to brighten my day, which it did immensly. It’s not strictly a response to the film but was such a nice thing to receive I thought I would share it here. As my first (and may be only) ever peice of fan mail I will treasure it accordingly! Thank you.

Thank you. Sam


3 responses to “#22 Small cat arrives in post”

  1. Brenda Naylor Avatar

    How kind! Will Small Cat appear with you in the film to note its arrival in your life?

  2. Rose (Sam's Mum) Avatar
    Rose (Sam’s Mum)

    Maybe Small Cat is related to Maneki Neko, Japanese and Chinese cat symbolic of good fortune and prosperity.

  3. […] #22 Small cat arrives in post […]

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