Mallaig Children’s Film Project

I thought I’d share the results of the other work I’ve been doing over the last couple months with Mallaig Primary School taking a class of seventeen children aged 8 to 11 taking through the entire film making process.  I was very lucky that a private boat service agreed to change the timetable to allow me time to film everyday before going across to Mallaig and I should also thank the locals who waited for me each morning!

As well as learning about filmmaking the project gave the children an opportunity to research and explore Mallaig’s history and think about what it means for their future. It was partly inspired by the Geoffrey Jones film ‘Snow’ which the children loved and I’ve posted below. The project was funded by First Light Movies and is one of a number of projects I’ve done with  schools and groups of children. I love doing this work and learn huge amounts every time about creativity, children, filmmaking and in this case about Mallaig and how the constant need to expand can affect a small community.

In some ways the film begins to explore the children’s perceptions of time and am hoping to go back to the school at some point to do some more work with them related to this project.

You can also see how the children made their film in this short documentary.

And here is Snow.


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