#28 Henry Darke sings Stay the Same

I have just had a visit from my good friends and felllow filmmakers Henry Darke and Harry Wootliff. Henry is also a musician and a few months ago he wrote this song in response to my film. It seemed apt to record it on the platform where I film myself every morning. Except we did it in the evening and got eaten alive by the midges (this was just the first take).  Henry’s band Only Pictures now perform the song regularly at their live gigs. I love it. Thank you Henry!


3 responses to “#28 Henry Darke sings Stay the Same”

  1. Will there be music to accompany the whole film?

    1. Hi Pat, Yes I am planning on commissioning an original score for the film once I have started editing. Henry’s song featured on this post won’t actually be part of the film, as it is very different in style, it is his creative response to the project as a whole.

  2. […] #28 Henry Darke sings Stay the Same […]

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