Editing has begun . . and a little bit of other news

It’s been a while so I thought it time to post an update.

After spending the summer finishing other projects and teaching at the Met Film School I have now finally started editing the film which is quite exciting. It was always my intention to take a break and get some distance from the material before I began because it is so personal and it is now proving very interesting go back in time.  The year I was filming felt elongated at the time as a result of the process of making it and not being able to leave, but is now  surprisingly contracted in my memory and its a very interesting juxtaposition between the footage I have and the year as I remember it.

In the meantime two projects I worked on during my year of filming, the Mallaig children’s film project and a new feature film idea exploring memory even further have been recognised. Mallaig In It’s Own Way has been nominated for an award at the Dundee Discover Festival and The Story of Me and You won second prize in The Wellcome Trust Screenwriting competition. All very rewarding and a reminder of how much you can get done if you don’t leave home for a year!



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