Chipping away

A few people have been understandably asking when they can see the finished film  so I thought I’d better post an update. Basically I am still editing which is proving quite a mammoth task. Having watched the whole years footage twice I have now reduced sixty hours down to thirty minutes. But I have a feeling that might have been the easy bit.   The film and the footage now pose lots of very interesting questions both practical and creative about what it is and what it is doing. The process itself has been an act of discovery and I have had to create my own rules when it comes to editing.  It feels far more like chipping away to reveal something that is already there than assembling something . . . . . I will try write more  about this in the coming weeks. I will also let you know as soon as I do when the film is near completion and where it can be seen. Thanks again for all the support. I will keep chipping away.


One response to “Chipping away”

  1. …like a great work of architecture that’s hewn out of rock rather than assembled out of components…Sounds like the right kind of creative post-production felling considering the drama of the geological landscape of mountain and sky in your frame plus your epic timescale.
    Perhaps the premiere should be in a natural outdoor amphitheatre.
    If you need help with hammer and chisel, or just a break down here, then let us know.

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