A good response so far!

With the film finished and now being transferred onto DVD and tape it is now a case of waiting and seeing what the response will be, which is slightly nerve wracking. I have already sent it off to a number of film festivals and so far the reaction has been good. The film has already been programmed in five UK film festivals and one international festival. I can’t announce all of them yet, but I am going to set up a screenings page on this site which I will continually update.

It seems like it has taken an incredibly long time and amount hard of work for its fourteen minutes, but I think it has been worth it at the very least in terms of what I have learnt from the whole experience. It also does seem as though the work I have put in is there on the screen.

Since this website has always been about peoples responses I shall start to collecting them and including them here for people to read. Once you have seen the film please do email me, or feel free to post something here.

So far Lizzie Francke of the BFI who has been incredibly supportive throughout has said “it is a very effecting piece with an accumulative power that that creeps up on the viewer.”

Clio Barnard who directed The Arbour and The Selfish Giant and is mentoring me on my latest project said “It’s very beautiful,  moving too…. I love it. Out of simplicity comes great complexity. The title is perfect because everything changes .. and stays the same.”

“I really wasn’t sure what to expect and I have to say it was excellent.” Jim Manthorpe, ex-Knoydart resident.

If you would like to see the film please check the screenings page (a link is on the left) where details of screenings will be updated.


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