The Knoydart Premiere

Just to say the premiere in Knoydart went better than I could have expected. About sixty people came (a full house in Inverie village hall!). It was mainly locals but a few visitors too. There were wine and nibbles and I answered questions for about half an hour after the film. People were very honest in their reponse.
Many people told me privately that they hadn’t known what to expect before they saw it and some were concerned it would be self indulgent, which is always a fine line to tread with this kind of work. The response, however was overwhelming. With many people telling me they were quite moved by the peice. I am incredibly grateful for the support I have had from the Knoydart community in all my work and it was a pleasure to have shown the film there for the first time.
I am very much looking forward to Encounters Film Festival next week and the London Film Festival in October.

I will post more about the premiere in the next few days with photos taken by Rhona Miller from the Knoydart Tearoom.


One response to “The Knoydart Premiere”

  1. Great that it was so well liked in Knoydart, where it was filmed.

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