First review from Encounters!

The Encounters screening went really well. It is very strange seeing the film on the big screen in front of a public audience, most of whom don’t know me or any of the background to the project. I tried to put myself in their shoes, but if I am honest I had absolutely know idea what people would make of it. It felt slightly hostile at first, but then maybe three or four minutes in something changed.  Fraya and I got most of the questions in the Q & A afterwards and several people came up to me to say how moved they were by the film, which is all one can really hope for as a filmmaker. It seems each person who watches the film gets something slight different from it. The next day a young journalist from Estonia reviewed the screening in the publication Inside Encounters which is distributed around the festival. It isn’t online yet but I couldn’t help take a  photo to share here. It was really nice to read a nice piece of press about film by someone who has seen the final result.

Here is a photo of the article for you to read . .

Review from Inside Encounters #2
Review from Inside Encounters #2

One response to “First review from Encounters!”

  1. your film moved me so much last night at the ICA. it was wonderful and it was nice to meet you briefly in the bar afterwards. good luck with your next project! x

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