Stay the Same gets its first Award!

Great news! Fraya Thomsen has won the Best Composer category at the Underwire Film Festival yesterday, which we were both a bit emotional about. Fraya worked incredibly hard on the score, which is integral to the film and created such a beautiful pieceof music the award was well deserved. Fraya wins some mentoring with a music publishers and hopefully this will help her launch her career as a film composer. Well done Fraya!

The award was followed by an event that had already been organised where after screening Stay the Same me and Fraya talked about how the music came about,  our collaborative relationship and the musicality of the film, which was edited rather like a piece of music. Fraya brought her harp and played one of her first ever compositions which was lovely to hear. We also showed some of The Worm Inside and Mallaig in It’s Own way which we also collaborated on. 

I have so enjoyed working with Fraya that I am delighted she is being recognised and hope eventually she finds a way of making the music available on i-tunes as there have been lots of requests!

It is also lovely that any element of the film should be recognized by this small but incredibly cool film festival – especially when it was criticized so widely in the press.

Thank you Underwire! We had a fab day.


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